Who we are

We are Carlo and Sabrina Bora, an Italian German couple, the brain and arms of our registered brand eVai. We lived many years abroad and brought home the green technology. We hope that we can normalise the existence of electric vehicles on our streets. Through our life in China we could establish business and friend relationships which enabled us to produce and combine high quality and beautiful designs for our electric vehicles. We offer best prices to make our electric models affordable for everyone. Our basic model is already available for the price of a high tech smart phone.

We opened a spacious shop with showrooms in Italy, Vigilant Biellese close to Milan and are happy to introduce you to our bikes in person. The shop has his own trial track so you can immediately jump on one of our bikes to get the feeling! 

Children are very welcome to play at our indoor playground while the parent can browse in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Don't hesitate to view our electric models, we put all our effort in to bring you closer to a technology that hopefully will be in our close future a normal transport method.   

Each electrical bike will mean one less petrol driven vehicle on our streets!